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Wm. D. Herboth Remodeing Inc.


Herboth Remodeling brings
customer's ideas into reality. Our
expertise in seamlessly combining
the new addition with the existing
structure which gives your home
the look and feel of your addition
being apart of the original structure
of your home. More...

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Portland Area Company

W.D. Herboth Remodeling Inc. is truly a Portland, Oregon native. Founded originally in 1979 by Wm (Doug) Herboth, bringing his experience and training to the industry. Family owned and run. Specializing in home remodels.

Areas of Specialty

Additions       addition
  porch   Porches
Kitchens     kitchen
 windows   Windows
Bathrooms       bathrooms
   siding & paint   Siding
Decks  decks
Misc.      Misc
Commercial  garage
repairs   Repairs

Since 1979